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Hair loss affects millions of American men and women. It is a devastating condition and an area Dr. Mays is especially passionate about. Hair loss is a complex entity with causes ranging from autoimmune diseases, infection, stress, medications, or genetic disposition. Not all hair loss is treated the same. Dermatologist are the only true medical specialist with training on diagnosis and treatment of all conditions of hair, skin and nails.  As a Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Mays will first determine the exact cause of your hair loss by performing a full scalp examination with the possibility of biopsy or blood tests.  Once the diagnosis related to your hair loss is determined, Dr. Mays will work with you to develop the best treatment options which vary based on your diagnosis.


PRP hair restoration is one of the most effective, exciting treatments developed for hair loss. It uses the body’s own repair cells to regenerate the hair follicle resulting in thicker hair and regrowth. Unlike hair transplant, the results are very natural and the procedure has minimal down-time, with results lasting up to 2 years.  Side effects are minimal as we use the body’s natural stem cells for regrowth. The PRP system we utilize is the only FDA approved system shown to improve hair shaft length, increase hair density, and increase follicular units. The system's patented gel technology efficiently separates red blood cells increasing its purity and minimizing discomfort. The preparation process takes just a few minutes with as little as 10cc of blood draw. The result is a more efficacious and comfortable PRP experience. All our PRP injections are performed by Dr. Mays for proper depth and injection technique.


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