Hair Loss

Hair loss affects millions of American men and women. It is a devastating condition and an area which Dr. Mays is especially passionate about. Hair loss is a complex entity with underlying causes ranging from autoimmune diseases, infection, stress, medications, or genetic disposition. Not all hair loss is treated the same and there are over 150 different causes of hair loss. Dermatologist are the only true medical specialist with training and education on diagnosis and treatment of conditions of hair and hair loss. As a Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Mays will first perform an in-depth consultation, examination, review of labs/medications to determine the exact diagnosis of your hair loss with the possibility of biopsy or further blood tests. Once the cause related to your hair loss is determined, Dr. Mays will work with you to develop the BEST evidence-based treatment options available for your diagnosis. Below is a list of potential treatment options available. Dr. Mays will discuss the best customized treatment for you during your visit

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