Acne Vulgaris is a common skin condition result of overactivity of sebaceous glands that caused inflammation at the base of specialized hair follicles. Sebaceous glands produce and secrete oil through openings in the skin also known as pores. Your skin pores become inflamed when it gets blocked with sebum and bacteria. Acne treatments includes topical treatments, systemic treatments such as oral antibiotics and isotretinoin. Every acne patient is different and treatment is very much of an art as science. It is always important to be evaluated by a Board Certified Dermatologist who understands the implications and treatment options of acne and can develop the best treatment plan for you. Acne is important to treat for many reasons including prevention of scarring and hyper pigmentation. Please call our office to schedule your consultation today.

Actinic Keratosis (pre-cancer) is the most common lesion with malignant potential that is UV induced. The lesions arise in areas of long-term sun exposure, including the face, ears and scalp. Treatments ranges from photodynamic therapy, cryotherapy and topical immunotherapy. Dr. Mays will determine the best treatment option for your lesions based on your examination and history.

Angiomas also known as cherry angiomas are common benign growths on skin that is formed by a collection of small blood vessels. The exact cause is unknown, but they tend to occur in families and grow in size and number. At Mads Dermatology, we have several options for permanent removal of these bothersome red spots. Dr. Mays will go over the best treatment based on your examination and size of lesions. Treatment is cosmetic.


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