PRP Hair Restoration

PRP hair restoration is one of the most effective, exciting treatments developed for hair loss. It uses the body’s own repair and stem cells to regenerate the hair follicle resulting in thicker hair, regrowth, and less shedding. Unlike hair transplant, the results are very natural, safe, minimum down time, quick, and long lasting results for up to 2 years in some clinical studies. Side effects are minimal as we use the body’s pure PRP. PRP has had extensive clinical studies showing up to 75% improvement of hair regrowth if performed early and correctly.

Why PRP at Mays Dermatology

Dr. Mays is a Dual-Board Certified Dermatologist who specializes in hair loss and lectures nationally on PRP and other hair loss treatments. She is one of the main educators of PRP for medical practices in the country. She has authored numerous chapters and articles on hair loss. Dr. Mays stays up to date with the latest data on hair loss treatments and one of the few Dermatologist involved in clinical studies for PRP and new stem cell therapies. Being a Board Certified Dermatologists also allows Dr. Mays to make the correct assessment for your hair loss and determine if the treatment is well suited for you.

In today’s world, everyone is calling themselves a hair expert. Many “med-spas” and non Dermatologist are offering “hair restoration therapies”. Be aware that ONLY Board Certified Dermatologists have the proper education and training in diagnosis, treatment, injection technique, and topical or oral treatments for hair loss. Dr. Mays continues to stay up to date on the most cutting edge extraction and injection techniques for PRP and enjoys educating patients about the process. To schedule your PRP consultation click here or call 502-384-6544

Our PRP system

The PRP system we utilize is the only FDA approved system shown to improve hair shaft length, increase hair density, and increase follicular units. The system's patented gel technology efficiently separates red blood cells increasing its purity and minimizing discomfort. The preparation process takes just a few minutes with as little as 10cc of blood draw. The result is a more efficacious and comfortable PRP experience. Some practices add other agents to their PRP claiming “benefit”. There is no scientific evidence showing addition of other ingredients such as acell or others to PRP. In-fact there is data to believe this could cause more adverse events and/or allergic reactions decreasing the safety and efficacy.

All our PRP injections are performed by Dr. Mays for proper depth and injection technique.

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